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Adventure Tourism Consultants

Adventure Tourism Consultants

Adventuretourism.org.uk is a new venture that builds on the strengths and experiences of two respected companies operating in the tourism, leisure and regeneration arena: Planning Solutions Consulting Limited and Rubicon Regeneration. With over 30 years experience, the team has been involved in designing and delivering a range of services to both public and private sectors, to research, develop and grow adventure tourism.

Our work has demonstrated that the key to success is the ability to respond to opportunities through destination making, making use of new technology and developing products that build on strengths and assets.

We bring together an experienced team of consultants and operators.

Alongside our consultancy advice Planning Solutions Consulting’s sister company manages a number of leisure businesses including Conkers an environmental visitor attraction in the National Forest and an extreme adventure Supertubing Experience in South Wales. This ensure our advice is also reinforced through directly experience of managing successful tourism businesses.

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