We offer five core service:

  • Destination Making / Planning
  • Market Appraisals
  • Product Development
  • Business Planning
  • Strategy Development

Destination Making
Developing strong and distinctive destinations in terms of brand and product offer is critical to increase visitor numbers and encourage greater participation in adventure tourism. Developing adventure tourism destinations is a complex process and requires buy in from a range of stakeholders to help deliver a sustainable solution. Our approach is to ensure that destination and place making projects are based upon a detailed understanding of existing visitor trends (and future forecasts) and community aspirations.

We worked with clients in North Wales to carry out a brand assessment to review the potential of introducing a specialist branded theme to the Region’s profile.

Market Appraisal
We have developed lead-edge techniques to assess the market viability and sustainability of activity tourism projects. We continue to analyse trends and issues in activity tourism, planning and development including destination management, sustainability, strategic planning and forecasting from the macro to the micro level. Our tourism market intelligence service provides a robust assessment of the market and allows clients to make decisions which are evidence based. We can also carry out original research and consultation.

In Gwynedd, North Wales we undertook a detailed market intelligence and ‘market sounding’ exercise to identify the demand for a new marina.

Product Development
We have significant experience of developing new, innovative products to build on local strengths and market demand. Product development work is based upon identifying the wider trends in the market place and specific needs of end users.

Our work in the adventure tourism sector has included identifying the needs of mountain bikers and other activity tourists leading to the development of an innovative bunkhouse / hostel style accommodation units for commercial application, as well as identifying adventure activity product opportunities for a coastal resort town.

Business Planning
We are able to take a project from conception through to completion, including assessing the feasibility and viability of taking forward a particular adventure tourism project and developing a business plan which can be used to access funding. Business planning has a key role in assessing viability and clarifying the context within which projects are taken forward. Our business plans are based on core research, financial modelling and analysis and our work has been used to support funding successful applications.

Strategy Development
We recognise the importance of sound analysis and strategic planning which inspire and create solutions. All our strategy work is founded on the principles of clear market evidence leading to practical actions that can be measured. It is important to ensure that strategies are supported by available funding. We have developed a range of engagement techniques to ensure that stakeholders, partners and the local community are actively involved in strategy and policy development. We have worked on several tourism strategy projects with a recent focus on coastal destination development, activity tourism and adventure tourism.